Saturday, March 6, 2010

Japan - Matsue

This was one of my favorite spots on our trip - Matsue (ma-tsu-ay). It's a beautiful mountain town with one of the six original Japanese castles that are still standing. It is also famous for soba (barley) noodles, which are my favorite Japanese noodles.

We found this fantastic lacquer ware shop. This is the artisan who hand carves, paints, and lacquers each piece. It's pretty pricey, but very beautiful and of excellent quality. I'm holding the small bowl with its lid that we bought there.
K&V in front of a couple torii at the entrance to a shinto shrine

View from the top of the Matsue castle

K&V in front of Matsue Castle

K&V eating zaru soba - cold barley noodles that you dip in a soy based sauce. Mmmmmm. This restaurant is particularly famous a a place where the imperial family ate when they were in Matsue.

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