Saturday, March 6, 2010

Japan - gardens

As previously mentioned, I LOVE Japanese gardens, lanterns, statues, etc that are found around the shrines and temples. Here are some of the MANY beautiful pictures we took.

Apparently this is supposed to be this way, but it looks like the head of a decapitated statue to me. If you were to see this while you were taking a stroll one night, it would scare the begeebers out of me!

The clouds and trees parted just perfectly to permit a ray of sunshine to light up this little fellow. He's my favorite of these statues.

Gorgeous and peaceful

Classic raked rock garden

The little red bibs are a sign that these little statues are praying for the children and expecting mothers.

K&V with Kenta's mom at the Sanzen-In shrine and garden

LONG stairway to a shrine

Hopefully you enjoy a snipit of a few of the exquisite Japanese gardens we visited.

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