Saturday, March 6, 2010

Japan - Hiroshima and beyond

We spent part of a day visiting Hiroshima and the Peace Monument. Here are some pics of this and a couple other things.

Hiroshima Eternal Flame

Hiroshima Peace Park with the arch, the eternal flame, and one of the last surviving building from ground zero

One of the only surviving buildings from the epicenter of the atomic bomb

Kenta's mom broke her pinky finger on the first day we were traveling (that's a whole other story). With her hand casted she looked like the little Shinto cat that you see all over Japan (Maneki-neko), so we took a picture of her with the cat. :)

Kenta always has a long list of the various types of food we need to eat while we're there. Here we're eating some shabu-shabu and some sukiyaki and some blowfish tempura. It was delicious.

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